William and Grace meeting Lauryn

Oct 3, 2015

Following the star charts sent by Sanje, Frannie and Lauryn landed on

rocky cliff above a river far below. Following time shift protocols, they

paused to restore their energy and get their bearings before they slowly

materialized. They were on the edge of a clearing. In the clearing was

Sanje (Lauryn’s cousin and long-time best friend). She was leaning

against a log cooking dinner and playing her drum.  She slowly looked

up and said “It is about time you two showed up. Dinner is almost ready.”

The two girls hugged and sat down. Sanje told Lauryn and Frannie that she

had decided to make human camping food for them- including hotdogs and

smores. Frannie grumbled about being extremely hungry but she wasn’t

about eating dogs. Sanje laughed- “They are not made from dogs!” “Then

why call them that?” mumbled Frannie. But, she was delighted to find that

she liked the hotdogs and watermelon Sanje had made for her dinner and

all grumbling stopped. Lauryn chuckled, “She is always hungry after a shift.

I think I want to try one of those dog things.” “Try the yellow thing – it is

called corn. It is wonderful.”, Sanje suggested.

After eating dinner and catching up on what was happening at home, Lauryn

finally asked “What do you know about Alister?” Sanje became all business.

She told Lauryn that from what she could find out, Alister had appeared out

of nowhere. He had a rather bad head wound and had no idea who he was.

Nikee, a local healer, had found him wandering not far from Steam Town. She

and her daughter, Grace, had nursed him back to health. When Grace took an

assignment to Daydreamer’s and Time Travelers, Alister had gone with her.

Now the two were about to be married. Lauryn sat in shock, not knowing what

to say. She asked, “What about Draco?” Sanje answered, “He showed up

shortly after Alister, hung around for a while but when Alister didn’t recognize

him, he just disappeared.” Lauryn and Frannie looked at each other for a long

time, before she finally said, “Let’s get going. There is no time to waste. I must

get to Alister now.” Sanje said “First you should change, you are still in uniform.

Then we must clean up and put out our fire. Things around here are very dry

this year and we don’t want to start a fire.” The girls put everything away and

then used their tools and water bucket to make sure the fire was out.

Sanje said- “We are still in the Land of Imagination. We will climb a short

ridge and to the south will be Steam Town. Outside of Steam Town is a

train tunnel that is also a portal between here and the human world. If you

know the proper words, you can open the portal. The portal works very

much like time and space shifting with dragons. Concentrate on where you

want to go.” Lauryn said, “I assume you know the words to get us through the

portal.” “Of course”, answered Sanje, “I have been through many times in my

efforts to find Daydreamers & Time Travelers and Alister.” The two girls and

Frannie took off for Steam Town. About 15 minutes later they arrived at the

tunnel entrance. Sanje told Lauryn to hold Frannie and then took her other
of a sudden the tunnel lit up – Sanje said “Walk into the light and think of Alister.

Also tell Frannie to keep us well shielded until you tell her to make us visible.”

“Done,” Lauryn answerehand. She softly chanted a strange verse in an oddly

familiar language – all od.

Within seconds the girls and the dragon were in a room filled with dolls

they did not know, except for Alister. He stood next to a table filled with

food. There were two other boys and two girls in the room with him.

Sanjee and Lauryn scanned the room, looking for danger. They were

both highly trained agents and were quick to decide they were safe.

Lauryn told Frannie to stay hidden but to make the two girls materialize.

All of the sudden Lauryn and Sanje stood in the middle of the room. CJ

gasped- “How did you do that? Where did you come from?”

 William looked at them with interest and confusion, but no recognition in

his eyes. Lauryn started toward William, saying “Alister, what happened

to you? Why don’t you know me?” She had taken two steps when a

screeching filled the room. It was Frannie!

Before any of the Daydreamer & Time Travelers could move, Lauryn and

Sanje were standing back to back with weapons in both of their hands.

As they slowly moved in a circle, Lauryn scanned the room for Frannie.

“Where are you, girl? What is the matter? Come to me?” Suddenly two

dragons appeared next to Lauryn. The smaller red dragon was squealing

and chattering very rapidly. The large green dragon was listless and

almost unresponsive. Lauryn turned on William and shouted – “How

could you?” William looked shocked, “How could I what?” “He is your

dragon!” yelled Lauryn as she sat holding the dragon and giving him

something from a small hour glass that she seemed to have pulled from

nowhere. “What is that?” William asked. Lauryn answered “Sands of

Time”, just like he should know what that was. The green dragon slowly

regained a little strength and looked around the room. His eyes caught

William’s and stopped. William was mesmerized, “Can I touch him?”

He asked.  Lauryn said slowly, “You really don’t remember us, do you?”

“No, at least – can I touch the dragon?” ”Yes,” she answered.

William reached out to scratch Draco on his head. Draco’s eyes never

left William.

When William touched the dragon, he turned to stare into the dragon’s

eyes. “I do know you!”, William said slowly. He softly murmured to the

dragon and hugged him close. Draco’s eyes started to glow and he

started crooning.

William then turned to the two new dolls,” Lauryn and Sanje!” Just as

William caught his breath to start talking again, CJ broke in - “OK, William.

Just a minute – girls appearing out of nowhere, weapons apprearing and

disappearing, dragons, swords, What is going on? You know them? You

have a dragon! What is going on? Who is everyone?” He paused for a

breath and  before he could start again Grace said quietly “William, why

don’t you start by introducing our guests?” William smiled and said

“Everyone say hi to Lauryn, Sanje and Lord Draco.” Lauryn laughed –

“Oh, Alister! That doesn’t tell them anything. We are space gypsies from

the Land of Imagination and we have come looking for Alister and Draco.

They were over a year late from their latest mission, so we came to bring

them home.” The room went silent. “ Mikael asked “What about the wedding?”

Lauryn looked at Grace and said “I had heard something about a wedding.

Perhaps we should start at the beginning and work our way to where we

are now.”

The story started with Alister and Lord Draco. Their latest trading mission

had gone well. Everything was routine, trade treaties were signed in all

but one of his assignments – Steam Town. As he and Draco entered the

skies above Steam Town something had shot them from the sky. Draco

broke in – “I tried to protect him during the fall. When we were on the

ground I shape shifted into a rock cave to hide him from whoever shot us

down.” William scratched the dragon’s head and said, “I remember the

cave!” Grace took over from there- Her mother had found Alister wandering

near Steam Town and brought him to the clinic that she ran. She and

Grace had nursed Alister back to health, but he had no memories of who


he was or how he got there. When they asked what to call him- he had

come up with William. Lauryn told them that his name was Alister William.

Draco grumbled and squealed – It was awful. He didn’t know me. I didn’t

think I would survive..” William soothed him and explained that the bond

between dragon and rider was so strong that when a dragon and rider

were separated like that, the dragon rarely survived. Sometimes even

the rider died. He then continued the story. When he finally woke up it

was as if someone had erased his memories- he remembered nothing.

He had enjoyed helping Grace and her mother and decided to go with

Grace when she left for Daydreamers & Time Travelers to be their healer.

Sanje piped in with – I guess this is where I enter the story. Lauryn

couldn’t leave because she was in her final training as a Dragon Master,

so I came looking for Alister/William. “What are we going to call you?” “I

prefer William,” he answered. Sanje continued - it took quite a while, but

I finally managed to find you here. I let Lauryn know shortly before she

graduated from the Academy. “Ok Lauryn it is your turn”, CJ said, “This is

exciting! Dragons, gypsies, getting shot out of the sky, Wow.” Lauryn

laughed and said, “I am Lauryn. I am Alister’s- I mean William’s twin

sister. After I graduated from the Dragon Master Academy, I went home

for my presentation ball and then left on this mission to find Alister.

” William was shocked – “How did you get Mom and Dad to agree?

You are supposed to be in final training!. Lauryn replied – “I didn’t

exactly tell them before I left. When I return to our world I will complete

my final training and assume my duties when the time comes.” William

chimed in with – “Our parents are the current rulers of the O’Kennedy

clan. Lauryn was born 30 seconds before I was and therefore she has

to be the next ruler of the clan.” Lauryn scowled – “Don’t rub it in! I am

still not happy that you didn’t move a little faster when we were born.

You always manage to beat me when it comes to food!” “Speaking of

food” CJ said “Let’s grab something to eat and then continue our


First said William, I need to ask Grace something. He turned and slowly

asked. “It seems that I am not an orphan. Are you still willing to marry a

second born, space gypsy?” Grace smiled and answered “Of course.”